Free Websites For Fundamental Analysis

4 websites that I usually visit for researching a company fundamentals.  The links provided below use CSL as an example.

Reuters is my first go-to website for researching a company. However, if you're on the main page, good luck with that.! You will never find the company that you're looking for. The search button is hard to find (which is at top right) and often the search result doesn't bring you closer the company you're looking for.

What I do instead is bookmark the following and change the URL directly. For example, if I"m interested in AGL ticker, I just replace the CSL with AGL. 

I like about Reuters because it gives you more financial data than the rest. It provides 5 years financial data while the other websites are just 3-4 years financial data.

In the "Key Metrics" tab, I also use the Beta value for discount rate when calculating the intrinsic value of a company. I don't see this information anywhere else.

Morningstar main page design is way better because you most likely can search the company that you're looking. The search is working! I refer to this website for operating performance. 

In "Operating Performance" tab, it provides 10 years of financial data! What I usually look for is consistent growth in "Return on Equity" and "Gross/Net Profit Margin). It also provides a little graph for you to easily visualise.

What I like about is the "ratio" tab. It allows you to compare the company ratio to similar industry average. It is probably not super accurate due to many factors but it give you some ideas.
The "Financial Summay" tab is pretty good too. It allows me quickly glance at income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement is not completely free. It only free for 10 stocks. 2 things that I usually pay attention to are "Valuation" and "Future Growth" sections.
In valuation, I would like to see their valuation as compared to mine. Future growth gives you forecasted earnings from 1 to 3 years which I also need this data to calculate the intrinsic value. I don't see this information provided anywhere else.

I hope this is useful. Sometimes I also cross check these websites to ensure they have consistent data and if they don't, I will need to do more research (e.g. look for the company annual reports). Good luck and happy investing!


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