About ASX Money

Since I have started investing in stock market (specifically in ASX for now) in 2020, I think maybe it is good for me to document this investing journey.  Documenting and reflecting my learning  can perhaps help me grow faster in stock investment and at the same time it could be beneficial to you too hopefully. 

My Investment Style 

First of all, I think I'm an investor, not a trader. I'm a long-term value investor based on solid company fundamental. I usually want to invest in the company where the price is currently under valued (i.e. below intrinsic value). I plan to hold the share for at least one year and sell when company fundamental is changed. I will also take partial profit when there is possible reversal trend and re-enter the market based on technical analysis.

This is the brief description of my investment style. Since this is the learning journey, my investment style may change in future.

My Investment Goal

As for the start, I think my goal is to beat the market by 20%. Specifically the market here refer to S&P/ASX200 (XJO). If the market performs 10%, I would like my portfolio to perform at > 12%. It doesn't seem very challenging but I will revise my goal along the way.


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All information on this blog are not financial advice and should be used for educational purpose only to start doing your own research. Happy investing!


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