QUAL ETF Performance vs Market Index (XJO and NDX)

Whenever I invest in stock or ETF, I always compare its performance with the market index specifically XJO/ASX-200 (top 200 stocks in Australia) and NDX/Nasdaq-100 (top 100 technology stocks in US). This can quickly tell me how well this stock/ETF performed. 

This is 6 years data which since the QUAL inception date. Blue line is XJO, green line is QUAL and yellow line is NDX.

  • XJO     - 27%    (4% p.a.)
  • QUAL - 120%  (14% p.a.)
  • NDX   - 225%  (21% p.a.)
QUAL beats XJO easily but not NDX. In fact, not many stocks can beat NDX. Given the QUAL has 14% p.a., I am very satisfied with this performance. Thus, I have invested in QUAL ETF. Hopefully it has consistent growth in the future. My exposure to ETF is not enough. It only contributes to 7.5% of my portfolio.


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